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STR-3293 network 32ch DVR with MPEG-4, Full D1 resolution and up to 800 fps of recording speed

32ch DVR with MPEG-4 and Full D1
  • Recording at 800 fps recording speed  
  • Full D1 (720x576 pix.) resolution
  • MPEG-4 video compression format
  • 4 independent multi-screen monitor outputs
  • Recording, playback, network transmission and backup
  • Up to 4 internal HDD SATA (2 removable)
  • Recording modes:  Continuous, Schedule, Alarm, Motion, Pre-alarm, Panic
  • Searching modes: Date/Time, Calendar, Event, and Smart Search
  • Storage capacity expansion over 30 TB
  • 4 audio channels (2-way audio)
  • Built-in DVD-RW
  • Control of PTZ-cameras via RS-232/485
  • Control via STT-3X external keyboard controller
  • Full-functional VMS management software

STR-3293 allows the operator to view, record, copy and transmit video over the network, as well as search and playback video in the archives. This 32ch DVR provides real-time recording of video information in MPEG-4 with 2CIF (720x288 pix.) or Full D1 (720x576 pix.) at up to 800/400 fps respectively. With the ability to connect up to 32 security cameras, this DVR replaces two 16ch video recorders and reduces the costs of the CCTV system installation.

Various recording modes
In addition to the standard cyclic video recording mode, STR-3293 performs an emergency video recording, scheduled recording, alarm recording and also supports recording of pre- and post-alarm video information. Moreover, 32ch DVR allows the operator to adjust recording settings for each camera or use the "global account" to apply the same recording settings to all channels in the system. Using DVR system menu, the operator can set the recording mode with a speed or image priority.

Ability to deploy 4 independent monitoring posts
An important advantage of STR-3293 is its 4 independent BNC monitor outputs for viewing current and archive video. Due to these monitor outputs, one 32ch DVR allows the operator to organize 4 independent monitoring posts and share the monitor operational load. Like most video recorders, this 32ch device features several modes of screen division, including 1, 4, 9 and 16 screen divisions. In addition, DVR provides an opportunity to adjust the periodic switching of images from multiple video channels, setting the sequence of cameras and their switching time delay.

STR-3293 and PTZ-cameras сontrol via system keyboard
Network 32ch DVR features RS-232/RS-485 interface for PTZ and speed dome cameras operation control and also supports major telemetry protocols, including Pelco P/D. Using these interfaces, the operator can connect Smartec STT-3X system keyboard and control DVR or PTZ-cameras operation. To deploy a multi-channel or distributed security system these interfaces can be utilized to combine STR-1693/STR-3293 DVRs into the one security network.

Extended 30 TB video archive
32ch DVR is equipped with a single 250 GB HDD. To create a larger video archive the operator can replace it with another HDD or install three additional SATA HDDs, totaling up to 4 TB. The operator can create massive data storage by connecting Smartec STG-ES disk arrays with storage capacity expansion 30 TB. 32ch DVR can also utilize disk arrays for mirror recording, providing additional safety of video information.

Copying video to CD/DVD drives
This network video recorder can back up information using built-in DVD-RW or USB-port. Along with video information 32ch DVR will automatically record MiniPlayer utility for viewing video on any PC without installing additional software.

Multi-channel motion detection and STR-3293 alarm reactions
Network DVR features motion detection, 16 alarm inputs for external alarm sensors and 4 relay outputs to control executive devices. Upon alarm receiving, 32ch DVR can produce alarm signal, send a notification to the specified e-mail, activate executive devices, change quality options for recording mode or start high-quality recording.

In addition, this DVR enables emergency recording activation by pressing one button on the front panel or remote control. In this case, video recorder activates alarm video presets that help the operator to respond instantly to alarm events.

Sound recording and playback
STR-3293 features 4 audio inputs that can be used for sound recording from each channel, increasing the information stream from the monitoring objects. Audio information, synchronized with the selected camera, will be transmitted automatically. In addition, 32ch DVR allows the operator to organize two-way audio communication between the monitoring object and remote workstation.

VMS management software
STR-3293 is supplied with VMS management software, which supports video streaming, searching and video playback as well as setup of DVR settings. Free VMS-Lite allows the operator to control up to 512 video recorders while VMS-Pro (paid version) can support up to 1024 32ch DVRs, and also provides the operator with some additional features. With the help of SmartSearch function, VMS software can perform a retrospective search of frames with a detected motion, even if STR-3293 recorded video continuously without using the motion detector. 

Specification of the Smartec STR-3293 32ch DVR





Video Inputs:


Video Compression:



720х576, 720х288, 360х288

Recording Frame Rate:

800 fps (360x288 pix.)

800 fps (720x288 pix.)

400 fps (720x576 pix.)

Frame Size:

1.7-17 Kb


Continuous, Schedule, Alarm, Motion, Pre-alarm, Panic

Recording Settings:

Resolution, frame rate, video compression

Monitor Video Outputs:

4 BNC, 1 VGA

DVR Responses:

Simultaneous recording, playback, networking and backup

Audio I/O:

4 Inputs/1 Outputs

Audio Transmission:


Alarm I/O:


Alarm Recording:

Pre-Alarm 5 s, Post-Alarm 60 s

Alarm Notifications:

Sound signal, alarm output, e-mail, alarm pop-up window

HDD Type/Quantity:

250GB SATA HDD (supplied); 3 optional HDDs (2 nonremovable & 2 removable)

Archive Extension:

Support for up to 8 STG-ES disk arrays

Access Levels:

Local (Administrator, 5 Users), Remote (Administrator, 10 Remote Users), “Hidden camera” Mode






2 USB (Front Panel)

PTZ Control:

Front Panel buttons; IR Controller; over the network from VMS

Control Interface:

2 х RS-232, 2 х RS-485

Network Interface:

10/100Base-T Ethernet;

VMS Software bundled with DVR (advanced administration, setup, video viewing and search)

Motion Detection:

22х18 detection areas, 10 sensitivity levels

IR Controller:


Input Voltage:

220 VAC

Power Consumption:

85 W (maximum), 60 W (standard)


388x88x445 mm


11 kg

STG-ES Disk Arrays:

HDD Type/Quantity:


File Management:

Data Protection in case of emergency shutdown

Data Transmission Interface:


Input Voltage:

220 VAC


362x44x430 mm


5 kg

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