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Analog STC-1000 b/w camera with 570 TVL resolution,

black-white camera STC-1000
  • 1/3” Sony SuperHAD CCD
  • 570 TVL resolution
  • 0.08 Lux/F1.2 minimum illumination
  • Video/DC auto iris control
  • Easy camera setup
  • Power supply: 12 VDC or 24VAC/220VAC

As a light-sensitive element STC-1000 uses 1/3” Sony SuperHAD CCD with 752x582 pix. resolution and interlaced scan. Due to high quality of CCD b/w camera generates high-quality b/w image with 570 TVL of a horizontal resolution with the ability to operate in 0.08 lux of minimum illumination.

Easy selection and installation of the lens
For lens installation this b/w camera model is equipped with C / CS-type mount, and also has a connector for auto iris that is controlled by video or DC signal. Therefore STC-1000 can use lenses with manual or auto iris, lens with a fixed focal length, varifocal lens and zoom lens. Select the type of iris control is carried out by using DIP-switch on the rear panel of CCTV camera.

In addition, STC-1000 is equipped with electronic iris, allowing installer to use cost-efficient lens with manual iris rather than auto iris. Lenses with manual iris can be mounted on b/w cameras, operating outdoors where the dynamic range of the electronic shutter is enough to register changes in street lighting and there is no need to control b/w images depth of field. However, in some cases, when the electronic iris of the b/w camera switches to the higher shutter speeds vertical halo can occur.

Synchronization of multiple STC-1000 cameras in one video system 
If CCTV system consists of multiple cameras with video information displayed on one monitor, it is recommended to synchronize all the cameras on a single core to prevent image scrolling when switching channels. STC-1000/0 and STC-1000/2 use method of synchronization based on power supply frequency (Line Lock) that allows installer to carry out automatic synchronization of b/w cameras connected to one phase. If they are connected to different power sources, phase configuring can be accomplished through the screw adjustment on the rear panel of STC-1000.

Simple and easy setup of the b/w camera
Each camera model of STC-1000 series is equipped with the tiny switches on the rear panel that can help installer to setup quality settings of b/w images: automatic gain control (AGC), external sync with adjustable phase compensation, backlight and gamma correction.

If the monitoring object is located on the bright light, CCD will generate b/w image with a dark silhouette against the bright background. This b/w camera features backlight compensation function and can prevent such effect creating an informative b/w image of the object, even if it is located on the bright light.

For camera installation it is recommended to use optional brackets: Smartec STB-C01/STB-C02 wall/ceiling brackets. Ability to operate in low light conditions allows camera to operate outdoors. According to outdoor temperature, humidity and other factors, b/w cameras should be placed in thermal housings. For example, Smartec STC-1230S thermal housing has an IP66 rating and ensures camera operation at temperatures, ranging from - 40 ° to +50 ° C.

Specification of the Smartec STC-1000 b/w camera 





Image Sensor:

1/3" SONY SuperHAD CCD, 752х582 pixel


570 TVL

Minimum scene illumination:

0.08 Lux/F1.2

Scanning System:

Interlace 2:1, 15.625 kHz

Synchronization System:

Line Lock


Line Lock

Vertical Phase Adjustment:


Electronic Shutter:

1/50 sec -1/100000 sec

Video Output:

BNC-connector , 1 Vp-p, 75 Ohms

Lens Mount:


S/N Ratio:

46 dB (AGC OFF)

Synchronization Level:

40 IRE

Electronic Shutter:


Auto Iris Control:

Video / DC

Backlight Compensation:

ON, 40% in the central area



Input Voltage:

220 VAC

12 VDC

24 VAC

Power Consumption:

5 W

4 W

4.5 W

Operating Temperature

-10° to 50°C, humidity < 96%, noncondensing


127 mm (L) x 62 mm (W) x 54 mm (H)


505 g

225 g

325 g


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