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Universal STC-3014 Day/Night CCTV Camera with hardware WDR and 680/700 TVL resolution

  • 1/3” Sony Double-Speed 960H CCD
  • Sony Effio Processor
  • Super wide dynamic range: х510 WDR (54 dB)
  • 680 TVL (color) / 700 TVL (B/W) resolution
  • 0.03 Lux (color), 0.01 Lux (B/W), 0.0001 (slow shutter mode)
  • Removable IR cut filter
  • 2D/3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
  • DSS (x 512) frame integration
  • 52 dB S/N ratio
  • Day/night switching : AUTO / EXT / SCHEDULE
  • Electronic shutter control by schedule
  • Motion and face detection
  • Free-shape privacy masks
  • Remote control via RS-485

STC-3014 is a premium-class security camera with Sony Effio digital processor and modern noise reduction system. Enhanced automatic exposure system allows the operator to configure different combinations of settings for optimal image quality. For example, CCTV camera enables selecting noise reduction technology, as well as AI level, electronic shutter rate and AGC. In addition, STC-3014 offers high video detail and is ideal for CCTV systems with high-contrast lighting.

Extra wide dynamic range
Due to hardware WDR, which excludes loss of image details, this camera generates balanced images, even in constantly changing lighting conditions. 54 dB wide dynamic range is achieved by auto-tuning exposure range in the double-speed CCD operation. To increase the brightness and detail of the dark areas, CCTV camera supports XDR (Extended Dynamic Range) dynamic adjustment of the brightness.

Operation in low light conditions
Minimum scene illumination of the camera is 0.03/0.01 lux in Day/Night modes respectively. In lower light conditions CCTV camera activates Sense-Up frame accumulation mode, which enhances image visualization by increasing the exposure time in accordance with the selected ratio. Upon Sense-Up activation, minimum scenes illumination reaches up to 0.0001 lux.

Customizing electronic shutter operation in Day/Night modes
STC-3014 allows the operator to set the rate of electrical charge accumulation: manual, automatic or scheduled. At the same time, switching between Day/Night modes of the camera will be carried out automatically upon reaching preset illumination level (schedule or manual operator’s configuration). In Scheduled Shutter Mode the operator can set several electronic shutter values ​​for different day periods. Delay Time function allows the CCTV operator to set switching delay time to avoid sporadic modes switching during the short-term changes in light conditions. In addition, CCTV camera has special input for IR illuminator connection.

Effective 2D/3D DNR noise reduction algorithms
2D/3D noise reduction technologies can reduce noise information, which appears on the image during low light camera operation. These technologies minimize the accidental noise in the main video signal and saves DVR disk space. 2D DNR algorithm, supported by this CCTV camera, uses a spatial filter, based on a comparison of adjacent image pixels. In addition, 3D DNR technology analyzes sequence of frames and eliminates the noise appearing during dynamic scenes translation.

Advanced motion detection and masking zones
Hardware motion detection of the camera detects movement in the frame and increases the effectiveness of the overall CCTV system. It can be configured to recognize faces in the frame (up to 4) and provides alarm notification in case of unauthorized access. CCTV camera also enables the operator to set up to 16 private masking areas, which will not be available for viewing by the operator. Each area has its individual transparency settings, mosaic formation and size. If necessary, STC-3014 can be connected to the external executive device through the alarm camera output.

Mounting options and remote management
STC-3014 configuration is carried out through the convenient on-screen OSD-menu. Due to RS-485 interface, camera settings can be configured remotely over the network. This CCTV camera weighs only 350 grams and can be mounted both on horizontal and vertical surfaces (with STB-C01 and STB-C02 brackets).

Technical specification of the Smartec STC-3014 CCTV camera 




Day/Night (hardware)

Image Sensor:

1/3" Sony Double-Speed 960H CCD

Effective Pixels:



Color: 680 TVL;

BW: 700 TVL


Sony Effio

Minimum Scene Illumination:

Color: 0.03 lux (F1.0);

BW: 0.01 lux (F1.0);

0.005 lux (F1.0) IR Filter ON;

Frame Accumulation Mode: 0.0001 lux (F1.0)

Dynamic Range:

×510, 54 dB (extra wide)

Video Output:

Composite: 1 V, 75 Ohms (BNC), S-Video (Y/C)

S/N Ratio:

>52 dB (AGC OFF)

Gamma Correction:


Switchable IR Cut Filter:

Auto Switching (configurable settings)

Camera Synchronization:

Internal /Over the Network

Day/Night Mode:

Color / BW / Auto / External/ Schedule

Electronic Shutter:

Auto (1/50(60)~1/100000 sec) / Schedule or Day/Night /

Manual: 1/50(60), FL 1/120(100), 1/200, 1/250, 1/350, 1/500, 1/750, 1/1000, 1/1500, 1/2000, 1/3000, 1/4000, 1/10000, 1/30000, 1/60000, 1/100000 sec


Auto / Manual / OFF

White Balance:

ATW / AWB / AWC (Push Lock) / Manual /

Outdoor (1800°K~10500°K) / Indoor (4500°K~8500°K) / Anti CR

Backlight Compensation:


Flicker Compensation:


Digital Noise Reduction:


Frame Accumulation Mode:

Auto (Range: ×2 ~ 512) / OFF

Motion Detector:

ON / OFF (24x16 zones, alarm)

Private Masking Zones:

ON / OFF (adjustable 16 zones, mosaic formation)

Face Detection:


E-Zoom Function:

×1~×256, digital pan/tilt control


Year / Month / Day, hour / Minute / Second

Operational Interface:

RS485, Pelco-D, Pelco P

Iris Control:


Lens Mounting:


Camera Input Voltage:

12 VDC (10.8 – 39 VDC) / 24 VAC ±10%

Power Consumption:

3.5 W

Operational Temperatures:

–10 °C to +50 °C

Humidity (max.):

80 – 90%


60×50×119 mm


350 g

Accessories (optional):

Ceiling/wall mounting brackets: STB-C01 (aluminum, 175 mm), STB-C02 (aluminum, feed-through, 170 mm)


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