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Widescreen STM-423 CCTV monitor with HDMI-input and Full HD resolution

Professional CCTV-monitor 42” with Full HD and LED illumination
  • High Full HD resolution (1920x1080)
  • Rugged metal casing
  • HDMI & VGA inputs, 2 loop-through BNC inputs
  • Audio input
  • LED Illumination
  • PIP ('picture in picture') and PBP ('picture by picture') modes
  • Anti Burn-in
  • 3DNR
  • 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratio supported
  • Fast response time
  • lR controller

Supporting the Full HD resolution and providing the extremely high picture quality and sharpness, STM-432 monitors are ideal solution for multichannel CCTV systems. It is recommended for connection to high resolution video sources equipped with HDMI/VGA video outputs. Connection to DVRs with HDMI output is especially useful for viewing live or recorded video from cameras with D1 resolution in multiscreen mode, as this allows to get the best possible picture quality in each of the CCTV monitor screens. Since there is no digital-to-analog conversion, multiscreen image transmitted from a DVR via HDMI interface is of higher quality, than when VGA connection is used.

Fast response time and wide viewing angles
Due to the 6.5 ms response time, the monitor transmits high-quality images without “smearing” effect when displaying video with motion. It makes STM-423 perfect for viewing dynamic video (e.g., for plate number identification of vehicles on the highway, or for monitoring of high-speed technological processes, etc.). Besides, CCTV monitors feature 4000:1 high contrast ratio, 178°/178° angles of view, provide 400 cd/m2 of maximum brightness with the ability to adjust its level, ensuring realistic color rendering, including the dark tones.

Long life-span and high picture quality
STM-423 uses the energy-conservative light-emitting-diode technology and provides excellent picture quality even if areas of motion blurring and color intensity exist. Due to it, LED-monitor is designed for easy replacement of failing lights, has a long operating life and ensures more hours of usage. Contrast for dark and black colors is more crisp and true. For better image quality, CCTV monitors feature 3D NR, which enables an operator to select digital noise reduction level (OFF, Low, Medium, High). To eliminate pixel burn-in in case of long-time display of static video, Anti Burn-in feature is used with activation by default and deactivation by the CCTV operator.

Several modes of viewing
The monitors allow to view video in multiscreen or fullscreen mode. When PIP ('picture in picture') or PBP ('picture by picture') multiscreen modes are activated, CCTV operator can select image sources for main and background screens. When BNC/HDMI/PC input is displayed on the main screen of the CCTV monitor, background video source should be connected to HDMI/VGA inputs. When the main screen image is in HDMI/PC mode, background image can be transmitted from a video source connected to BNC input. In addition, the STM-423 allows the aspect ratio selection - 16:9 or 4:3.

Easy Installation
Diagonal size and wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles provide freedom of choice for monitor installation and give maximum comfort for CCTV system operator. STM-423 is equipped with desktop stand, but also allows wall or ceiling installation with optional third-party mounting brackets. Moreover CCTV monitors are equipped with IR controller for comfortable remote configuration of each channel parameters, adjusting contrast, brightness, image sharpness and color balance.

Specifications of the Smartec STM-423 CCTV monitors 



Diagonal size:


LCD Panel:

AUO 42” (TFT)

Supported Aspect Ratio (HxV):

16:9 (HDMI), 4:3 (RGB)

Display Resolution (max.):

1920×1080 pixel (HDMI), 1280×1024 pixel (RGB)

Pixel Pitch:

0.4845×0.4845 mm

Effective Viewing Area:

930.24×523.26 mm

Contrast Ratio:



400 cd/m2

Monitor Illumination:


Color Depth:

10 bit

Viewing angle:


Response Time:

6.5 ms


31 KHz ~ 81 KHz (H), 56~75 Hz (V)

Video Inputs:


Video Output:

BNC (loopthrough)

Alarm Input:

Alarm Trigger (3.5 Jack)

Audio Input:

RCA (R+L), PC Audio (3.5 Jack)

Audio Amplifier:


Plug & Play:


Monitor Interface Languages:

Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese

Input Voltage:

100 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.6A

Power Consumption:

120 W (max.)

Operating Temperature & Humidity:

+5° C... +45° C, 20 ~ 85%, noncondensing

Casing Material:



993×659×260 mm


20.5 kg

Supplied Accessories:

IR remote control, Desktop stand, Power cord, 15-contact D-Sub cable (1.8m), Audio cable (1.5 m), User Guide (CD)

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