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Smartec STC-3514 high-res dome camera with Sony Effio processor and WDR

Smartec STC-3514
  • Sony Double-Speed ​​960H CCD
  • Ultra-high resolution 680/700 TVL (Color and B/W)
  • Minimum scene illumination: 0.1/0.08 lux
  • WDR – wide dynamic range
  • Sony Effio next-gen processor
  • 2D/3D digital noise reduction (DNR)
  • Backlight compensation
  • Built-in 2.8 – 10.5 mm varifocal lens, F1.2
  • DSS frame accumulation mode
  • Built-in hardware motion detector (16 zones)
  • Power supply: 12 V DC or 24 V A DC

STC-3514 is a premium camera with ultra high resolution. It is equipped with the latest Sony Effio processor and Sony Double-Speed ​​960H CCD, and provides advanced features for video enhancement and electronic shutter configuration. Like other cameras with hardware WDR, it will be optimal solution for video monitoring on the applications with high-contrast light conditions. Smartec dome camera uses 2D/3D DNR noise reduction, which improves image quality and reduces the file size when recording on the DVR. In low light conditions, this dome model activates Digital Slow Shutter accumulation mode, providing high image clarity and detail.

Sony Effio next-gen processor
Effio image processor consists of 3 chips: AFE (digitizing matrix), DSP (enhanced digital signal processing) and LPDDR (integrated memory controller). Due to these chips, dome camera has high ranges of resolution, S/N ratio, color rendering and WDR. In addition, this dome model supports Scheduled Shutter Mode for planning electronic shutter operation and its configuration.

Digital noise reduction algorithms
In low light conditions STC-3514 uses effective 2D/3D DNR algorithms to reduce image noise. These algorithms improve the quality of transmitted video and save DVR disk space, which is used for storing images from the security camera. 2D DNR algorithm uses spatial noise removal filter, while 3D DNR - special time filter, allowing dome camera to analyze related images and eliminate the distortion and noise in the output images.

Day/Night settings
Switching the camera between Day/Night modes can be set up automatically according to the preset light levels, or by the schedule. To prevent spontaneous mode switching in short-term changing in light conditions, dome camera has Delay Time function, which allows the operator to adjust switching delay time from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. It is also possible to set the values ​​of camera electronic shutter for Day/Night hours in accordance with the schedule.

Additional technologies for image quality improvement
Virtual progressive scan (VPS) allows the camera to identify the elements of moving objects when playing DVR media, as well as to avoid image jitter. Due to Clear Picture and E-Zoom technologies, dome camera can significantly improve clarity and detail of the transmitted image.

High-quality video transmission in low light
STC-3514 minimum illumination for high-quality video transmission is 0.1 lux/0.08 lux for Day and Night modes respectively. In lower light dome camera activates DSS frame accumulation mode, which enhances image detail by increasing the exposure time in accordance with the selected ratio. This mode increases the sensitivity of the camera up to 0.0001 lux.

Reliable operation with bright backlight
Dual-scan CCD and WDR function provide 54 dB wide dynamic range and allow this model to generate high-quality images even in bright backlight. In addition, dome camera features Backlight function, which compensates image defects, providing suppression of the bright image areas and adding contrast to the dim lit image details.

Camera alarm reactions
STC-3514 hardware video detector stores the previous static image and responds to changes in the generated image. To avoid false alarms in case of short background changes dome camera provides Alarm Time function for setting up levels of alarm activation (up to 60 seconds). In addition, Smartec dome model supports face detection (up to four) and selection of the detection zones with individual settings for each zone.

Masking zones
STC-3514 enables user to use private masking zones in the frame, allowing to set up to 16 zones on the screen that will not available for viewing by the operator. In addition, dome camera allows the operator to highlight masking zones, as well as to set the size and position of the hidden areas.

Specifications of the Smartec STC-3514 dome camera 



Camera Type:

Camera with wide dynamic range

Image Sensor:

1/3" Sony Double-Speed 960H CCD

Effective Pixels (H)x(V):



Sony Effio

Horizontal Resolution:

Color: 680 TVL;

BW: 700 TVL

Minimum Scene Illumination:

Color: 0.1 lux, F1.2; BW: 0.8 lux, F1.2;

Frame accumulation mode: 0.0001 lux, F1.2

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR):

х510 (54 dB)

S/N Ratio:

> 52 dB (AGC OFF)



Switchable IR cut filter:


Day/Night mode:


Electronic Shutter:

Auto (1/50(60)~1/100000 sec)/schedule or Day/Night/Manual: 1/50(60), FL 1/120(100), 1/200, 1/250, 1/350, 1/500, 1/750, 1/1000, 1/1500, 1/2000, 1/3000, 1/4000, 1/10000, 1/30000, 1/60000, 1/100000 sec



White Balance:

ATW/AWB/AWC/Manual/Outdoor/Indoor/Anti CR

Backlight Compensation:


Flicker Compensation:


Digital Noise Reduction:


Frame Accumulation Mode (DSS):


Face Detection:

Up to 4

Digital Zoom:

x1~x256, pan/tilt digital operation

Motion Detection:

ON/OFF (24x16 zones)

Masking Zones:

ON/OFF (16 zones)



Camera Lens:

2.8 – 10.5 mm, F1.2

Automatic Iris Control:




Video Output:

Composite: 1 V, 75 Ohms (BNC)

Input Voltage:

12 V DC / 24 V AC


STB-C413 (on-wall bracket)

Power Consumption:

3.5 W

Operating Temperatures:



80 – 90 %


140x111 mm


500 g


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