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Smartec STC-IPX3561A network dome camera with video analytics and H.264/MPEG-4/M-JPEG support

  • 1/3” Sony SuperHAD CCD
  • Built-in 2.8-10.5 mm varifocal AI lens
  • Н.264, M-JPEG/MPEG-4 compression support
  • VCA Technology video analytics 
  • CIF to Full D1 resolution at 25 fps
  • IP66 protection rating
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Audio input/output
  • Built-in hardware motion detection
  • Day/Night software function
  • NetStation management software

Universal STC-IPX3561A NEYRO Series network camera can operate in warm and unheated applications. It features aluminum housing with IP66 rating and shock-resistant smoked dome that protects the camera block from water, dust and external mechanical effects. The camera module is mounted on 3-axis bracket allowing to adjust camera focus manually within ± 180 ° / 90 ° range. The design of this network dome camera provides its fast and easy mounting on horizontal or vertical surfaces without additional brackets.

Video content analysis
STC-IPX3561A features base package of VCA Presence video analytics, which significantly extends the capabilities of IP video surveillance systems. Using this package, network dome camera can analyze the transmitted image and detect the objects’ presence in the monitoring area. Upon activating of the optional VCA Surveillance license, it will be available extended analytic functions of this network camera: classification of the objects (people, vehicles, etc.), tracking of their directions, objects’ temporary stay analysis, counting the number of objects, speed detection of moving objects , detection of missing items, etc.

The main advantages of VCA video analytics: 

  • Reliable tracking option – network dome camera provides a high-quality objects’ detection with a small number of false alarms, caused by changes in external lighting conditions (the shadows of clouds and trees, rain, fog, etc.)
  • An automatic adaptation of video analytics to changes of outdoor conditions. Network camera provides stable operation even in a temporary, partial or complete cover of the dome.
  • Easy web-based setup without using special software.
  • Network dome camera with VCA can operate as an alarm sensor (with an alarm output, connected to the input of the recording or signal activation systems).
  • HTTP API for camera settings and event notifications; RTSP for video streaming; XML language for displaying information.
  • Built-in digital stabilization, which allows video analytics to operate with loss of effectiveness even if in camera vibration.

Description of software modules:

I. The main functions of VCA presence:

  • Detection and identification of the in the monitoring area.
  • Selecting focus areas, in which each zone can generate its own alarm.
  • Tracking of multiple objects (network dome camera can track up to 100 objects simultaneously).
  • Checking unauthorized manipulation: movement, camera shrouding and refocusing.

II. The main functions of VCA surveillance:

  • Size and Speed Filters for preventing false alarms. These filters enable the operator to perform object classification.
  • Direction Filters for setting "acceptable" and "unacceptable" directions of movement.
  • Detection of the object in the restricted area.
  • Object’s temporary stay in the security area longer than usual. Signal of this event network dome camera can activate the signal on this event both for temporary stay and moving of the object within security area.
  • Control of object’s entrance and leaving of the monitoring area.
  • Appearance and disappearance of various objects or items in the security zone.
  • Count the number of objects: ascending/descending sorting.
  • Double Border: two border lines located at a distance from each other. Network dome camera activates alarm signal in case of crossing these borders.

Stable round-the-clock operation
Due to 1/3" Sony SuperHAD CCD and IR-cut filter, this network dome camera can transmit high-quality images 24 hours a day. In addition, minimum illumination at which STC-IPX3561A generates high-quality color and b/w images is 0,3/0,1 lux. respectively. In low light, network camera can activate frame accumulation mode, increasing exposure time in accordance with preset rate. To optimize the quality of transmitting video, this network dome camera supports auto white balance, backlight compensation, noise reduction, etc.

Additional security functions
STC-IPX3561A is equipped with TTL-input and alarm output for connection of the external alarm sensors and executive devices (lights, siren, electro-mechanical lock, etc.). Upon receiving an alarm signal from the security alarm sensor, network dome camera activates the executive device. STC-IPX3561A also has a memory cards slot for recording alarm video. The presence of audio inputs/outputs for connecting an external microphone and speaker provides two-way audio transmission between the operator and the monitoring area.

Configuring and viewing video via a standard Web browser
Like other IP-devices of NEYRO Series, this network dome camera is equipped with a Web server, allowing the operator to access camera settings through a standard Web browser. The operator can also use IPAdminTool utility, which automatically searches for all active IP- devices. To ensure safety operation, access to the network camera settings is password protected.

H.264 support and multi-channel video transmission
New high-performance image processor, embedded in all NEYRO devices, provides maximum compression efficiency. Using H.264 codec, network dome camera can generate clear images even in low bit rate, allowing the operator to extend the video archive storage without increasing server capacity. This network model is capable of transmitting two independent video streams simultaneously with different adjustable settings: codecs (H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG), resolution, frame rate and compression level.

Professional software for centralized recording and monitoring
To deploy video surveillance systems, based on Smartec and third-party IP-devices it is recommended to use NetStation management software. This software allows the operator to work with up to 32 IP-cameras per server and also provides the extended functions for viewing and recording video/audio. In addition, NetStation supports interactive graphical plans eMap, search the archives, etc.

Two kinds of camera power supply
Like the other modern network devices, Smartec network dome camera can be powered by Power over Ethernet technology (PoE), enabling the camera to use one cable both for power supply and network connection. STC-IPX3561A can also work with DC 12 V power supply and adapter (supplied).

Specification of the Smartec STC-IPX3561A network dome camera 

Image Sensor:

1/3” Sony SuperHAD CCD



Vertical Resolution:

540 TVL

Camera Lens:

Built-in varifocal lens with AGC 2,8-10,5 mm

Minimum Scene Illumination:

Color: 0,3 lux, F1.2

B/W: 0,1 lux, F1.2; 0,002 lux (frame accumulation mode)

Video Codecs:

H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG

Audio Codecs:

G.711(µLaw, aLaw), PCM



Video Streams:

Up to 2 adjustable video streams


Switchable IR-cut filter

Adjustment of Camera Direction :

Pan: +/- 180°
Tilt: 0-90°


CVBS, 1V, 75 Ohms, BNC

Audio Input:

Linear, 1,43 V (1,35V min., 1,49 V max.), 39 kOhms

Audio Output:

Linear, 46 mW, 16 Ohms

Alarm Input/Output:

1 (TTL, 4,5 V, 50 mA max.)/1 (500 mA max., 24 V DC or 1A, 12 V AC)

Video Analytics:

VCA Presence, VCA Surveillance (optional)

Electronic Shutter:

1/50-1/120 000 sec

Digital Noise Reduction:


Backlight Compensation:


Flicker Compensation:




Frame Accumulation Mode:


S/N Ratio:

50 dB (AGC OFF.)

White Balance:

ATW/AWC/MANUAL (1.800° K-10.500° K)

Frame Rate:

25 fps at Full D1

Motion Detection:

ON/OFF (4 detection areas)

Image Stabilization:

Supported (DSP)

Masking Zones:

ON/OFF (4 programmable zones)

Onscreen Notifications:

Supported (DSP)

Network Connections:

Ethernet 10/100Base-T





Optional Memory:

microSD slot (not supplied)


Operating Temperatures:


IP Rating:

IP66 housing

Input Voltage:

Ethernet (PоE, IEEE 802.3af);

12 V DC, adapter supplied

Power Consumption:

7.4 W


Housing: D 150,8x113 mm

Cover: D 100 mm


1145 g

Equipment List:

IP-Camera, DC power adapter, extension cable (for LAN and power connectors), 11-pin terminal block, Allen key, mounting screws and anchors, installation template, video cable with BNC-connector, Quick Installation Guide, dustproof strip

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