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Innovative Smartec STC-3906 PTZ camera with 360 ° rotation

Smartec STC-3906 PTZ camera
  • 1/4" Sony Super HAD CCD
  • 530 TVL resolution
  • Mechanical IR cut filter
  • Minimum scene illumination – 0 lux, IR illumination ON; b/w – 0.05 lux
  • Built-in IR illumination: 850 nm with up to 100 m of working distance
  • 360° rotation
  • 165 presets
  •  Built-in zoom lens with 36х optical zoom (3.4mm - 122.4mm)
  • 8 guarding tours
  • 24 masking zones
  • Vibration and temperature sensors
  • Camera casing with corrosion-resistant coating
  • Vandalproof anti-glare glass
  • IP68 protection rating

STC-3906 differs from many analogues by its unique unlimited rotation both in vertical and horizontal planes. The rotation shafts of the camera are covered with Teflon coating by DuPont Company, which specializes in creating heat and water resistant materials. All joints of PTZ camera are absolutely water proof, while the rotation shafts with seals ensure the safety of camera operation. In addition, STC-3906 features IP68 protection rating, which provides camera operation even in water.

Vibration and temperature control
Stable operation is carried out by vibration and temperature sensors. The vibration sensor allows PTZ camera to keep accurate rotation under different weather conditions and mechanical effects. The temperature sensor is designed to protect STC-3906 electronics, controlling heater operation in high and low temperature conditions. This PTZ model can also operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 C °. For camera convenient maintenance all current temperatures are displayed on a connected monitor.

The high degree of image detail
Built-in zoom lens with 3.4 mm - 122.4 mm focal range provides 36x optical zoom. Due to 1/4 Sony SuperHAD CCD, PTZ camera generates detailed images with 530 TVL of horizontal resolution. In addition, this model has 50 dB S/N ratio, auto white balance, backlight compensation and also features 24 masking zones in the frame. For round-the-clock video surveillance STC-3906 uses removable IR filter, switching the camera between “Day” and “Night” modes.

IR illumination with power adjustment
Smartec PTZ camera uses IR illuminator with pulsed mode, synchronized with the electronic shutter. This helps to increase camera efficiency and reduce power consumption up to 2 times. IR illumination of the camera can be adjusted automatically: the camera decreases IR illumination to avoid image saturation in a wide viewing angle, while in a narrow angle - increases to achieve maximum illumination. Effective PTZ model operation with IR illumination is also ensured by the usage of special light-emitting diodes with mirror, preventing light dispersion and excessive heat.

STC-3906 reaction to alarm signals
For operation in different video surveillance systems this camera uses alarm interfaces. STC-3906 is equipped with 4 alarm inputs for external alarm sensors and 2 relay outputs to control executive devices. In case of alarm signals, PTZ camera allows the operator to set device algorithms: using presets, the guarding tours launching or activation of the relay output, which can be connected to a siren, lighting and other executive devices.

Glass with a high protection degree
This PTZ camera features tempered glass with a special coating, which prevents condensation, scratches and dust settling. It also helps to eliminate the appearance of glass gleam when operating near the strong light source.

Specifications of the Smartec STC-3906 PTZ camera

Camera Type:


Image Sensor:

1/4" Sony Super HAD CCD


530 TVL

Minimum Scene Illumination:

0 lux – IR Illumination ON

B/W: 0.05 lux at ¼ sec. of electric shutter speed

Optical Zoom:

36х (3.4mm - 122.4mm)

S/N Ration:

>50 dB



Auto White Balance:


Backlight Compensation:



Rotation angle 



1~ 100°/с


10~ 200°/с


Rotation angle



1~ 100°/с

Protection Rate (IP):


Number of Presets:


Guarding Tours:

8 (up to 60 presets in each tour)

Preset Tours:


Masking Zones:



Displaying temperatures on the connected monitor

Telemetry Protocols:

Pelco D/P


RS-485, 2400-9600 baud/sec

Alarm Inputs/Outputs:

4 inputs, 2 outputs

IR illumination:

100 m of working distance;

Wave length: 850 nm;

Automatically adjustable level

Camera Housing:


Corrosion-resistant coating

Operating Temperatures:

-40 to +50 C°

Input Voltage:

24 VDC, 1.5 A

Power Consumption:

40 W (max.)

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