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STR-1683 16ch standalone DVR with H.264, Full D1 resolution and up to 400 fps

  • Н.264 video compression format
  • Recording at 400 fps recording speed  
  • Full D1 (720x576 pix.) resolution
  • HDMI/VGA interfaces for monitor connection
  •  Recording, playback, network transmission and backup
  • Built-in SATA HDD (2 slots for optional HDDs)
  • Compatable with Full HD monitors
  • Recording modes:  Continuous, Schedule, Alarm, Motion, Pre-alarm, Panic
  • Searching modes: Date/Time, Calendar, Event, and Smart Search
  • Built-in DVD-RW
  • Control of PTZ-cameras via RS-232/485
  • S.M.A.R.T. technology
  • Control via STT-3X external keyboard controller
  • Full-functional RAS+ management software

STR-1683 16ch standalone DVR belongs to Delta Series video recorders and can be optimally used for deploying large-scale and geographically distributed video surveillance systems. Technical specifications and wide functional features of STR-1683 provide high-speed and quality recording, as well as the ability to view current video and transfer images/sound simultaneously over the network. Due to H.264 codec, this DVR efficiently uses disk space and bandwidth while maintaining high image quality. For each of the 16 channels STR-1683 allows the operator to configure recording options, including resolution and frame rate. Video search is available by date, time, event and information from POS/ATM-terminals.

Video settings and archive capacity extension
The total recording speed for all 16 channels of STR-1683 is 400 fps at 352x288 (pix.) resolution. To ensure a higher image quality (during face detection, license plates identification, etc.), standalone DVR enables the operator to choose 720x288 (pix.) or 720x576 (pix.) resolution at 200/100 fps, respectively. In this case, video information will be recorded on the internal hard drive. To extend archive capacity, the operator can install two additional HDDs in this DVR or use external DAS-arrays via eSATA. If necessary, archive capacity can be extended using SAN-network storages via iSCSI-port. It is also possible to back up video fragments on DVD/CD disks with built-in DVD-RW drive or external USB-devices.

Ability to work with Full HD monitors
Smartec standalone DVR provides 3 types of monitor connection: HDMI, VGA and BNC. HDMI and VGA interfaces are used for Full HD video transmission (1920x1080 pix.), which allows the operator to view current/archive high-quality video in multiscreen mode (up to 16 frames). This standalone DVR also has an independent secondary output for VGA/BNC monitors’ connection, which can display up to 16 frames with up to 720x576 pix. resolution. Spot-output is used for spot-monitor connection with the ability to configure DVR settings, alarm video transmission or displaying images from security cameras, selected by the operator.

Software for remote management and video configuration
With the help of free RAS+ software and STR-1683, the operator can deploy geographically distributed CCTV systems with centralized operation control. RAS+ enables the operator to customize all video recorders, view current/archive video, as well as to control alarm outputs and PTZ-cameras operation. MapEditor software module composes 3D-maps, graphically displaying each standalone DVR and other CCTV devices on the monitoring area. RAS Mobile application provides remote access to the digital video recorders via different mobile devices - iPhone, PDA, BlackBerry, etc.

Security functions and HDD operation control
Each standalone DVR of this Series has dimming detector and full-featured motion detector with 5 sensitivity levels, 192 detection zones and retrospective video search. Each alarm event can be configured with different DVR alarm response. Thus, upon receiving alarm signal, STR-1683 activates the buzzer and connected executive device, displays alarm message and sends e-mail notification with alarm images. With the support of S.M.A.R.T. technology, video recorder constantly checks free space capacity and current state of HDD operation. In case of HDD malfunction, it will alert system operator.

PTZ-cameras remote control operation
Due to RS-485 and RS-232C interfaces, STR-1683 can be connected to the PTZ-cameras with the ability to control their operation, using front panel buttons, IR remote control, USB-mouse or telemetry keyboard, for example, STT-2405U. In addition, adjustment of PTZ-cameras’ pan/tilt rotation can be carried out through a network PC, using RAS + management software.

Technical specifications of the Smartec STR-1683 standalone DVR 



Compression Rate:




Video Outputs:

Main Output: 1хHDMI (Full HD), 1хVGA (Full HD), 1хBNC (SD)

Secondary Output: 1хVGA (SD), 1хBNC (SD)

Spot-output: 1хBNC


Full HD: 1920x1080 pix.

SD: 720x576 pix.

Resolution (recording):

720х576 pix., 720х288 pix., 352х288 pix.

Frame Rate:

400 fps (352х288 pix.)

200 fps (720х288 pix.)

100 fps (720х576 pix.)

Recording Modes:

Continuous, Event, Schedule, Extreme

Audio I/O:


Audio Compression:


Alarm I/O:


Alarm Input:


Text Information:


Built-in Buzzer:

80 dB, 10 sm distance

Pre-/Post Alarm Recording:

Up to 30/15 min.


1 built-in SATA HDD with up to 1 TB

2 optional hard drives




2 ports on the front panel (ability to connect USB-printer)

Archive Capacity:

Up to 18 TB

Archive Extension:


PTZ-cameras operation control:

Front panel buttons; IR remote control


RS-485, RS-232C

DVR Network Interfaces:

2 х Gigabit Ethernet (1 for iSCSI)

Network Protocols:



Event, Date/Time (recording schedule, timetable), Text

Maximum Number of Connections:

2 for management, 10 for viewing, 2 for searching


Up to 64 groups, 256 users

Settings for each group


Motion Detection:

16х12 zones, 5 sensitivity levels

IR Remote Control:


Operating Temperatures:

+5…+40 °C


Up to 90%

Input Voltage:

100-240 VAC, 2–1 A, 50/60 Hz, 70 W


430х88х400 mm


8 kg


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