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Outdoor camera housings STH-5230

outdoor camera housing STH-5230
  • IP67 Rated
  • Large effective internal space
  • Front opening
  • Wall bracket supplied with the housing
  • Full cable feed through
  • Construction: die-cast aluminium
  • Integrated sunshield
  • Easy access to terminal block at back of the housing
  • Dual heaters inside
  • Built-in 12 VDC power supply (3.5 A)

The STH-5230D-PSU2 outdoor housings are ideal for environmental camera protection in a wide temperature range. Integrated sunshield ensures protection from direct sun light falling on the viewing window and prevents glare. The STH-5230D-PSU2 is suitable for large format cameras, zoom lens cameras, as well as for cameras susceptible to overheating.

Dual heaters first of all ensure wider operating temperature range, and allow to solve the problem of housing window fogging. The first heater prevents condensing at the positive temperatures and heats the air inside the housing, while the second provides wider low-temperature operating range.

The STH-5230D-PSU2 is equipped with a built-in pulse camera power supply. Due to use of high-current power supply (3.5 A), the housing allows to install a camera with additional equipment, e.g. fiber-optic transmitter or IP video server.

Front opening of the top provides easy access to camera, allowing to adjust camera position on the mounting plate. The supplied mount provides for full cable feed through and allows to hide the cable inside the wall or bring it outside at the bottom of the bracket.

For environmental testing, the housings were placed into heat chamber. The temperature inside the chamber and the housing was set to +20° С and then changed at the rate of 1°/min. A standard B/W camera with lens and two temperature sensors (one in the center of the housing above the camera, the other over the lens) were installed inside each housing.

In the STH-5230D-PSU2, when temperature inside the heat chamber was rising from –56° C to +42° C, the temperature in the center of the housing was changing from –18,1° C to +39.3° C, and the temperature above the lens – from +2.9° C to+43.3° C.

As the chart shows, operating temperature range is within –50° C to+40° C.

Specifications of the Smartec STH-5230 



IP rating:



Die-cast aluminium

Number of Heaters:


Heater ON/OFF:

1st heater: ON at +18° C; OFF at +28° C

2nd heater: ON at 0° C; OFF at +10° C

Operating Temperature:

–50° C to +40° C

Built-in Power Supply:

220 VAC / 12 VDC, 3.5 А

Input Voltage:

230 VAC

Effective internal space:

270x100x90 mm

Dimensions :

450x135x158 mm


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