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16-channel Real Time DVR STR-1695


  • Real time recording at D1 (720x576) resolution: 16 camera inputs at 400 fps
  • H.264 video compression
  • 1920x1080 display resolution (Full HD)
  • 5 HDDs supported
  • Built-in HDD, 2 optional HDDs supported
  • Monitor outputs: primary (HDMI, VGA, BNC), secondary (VGA, BNC), Spot output (BNC)
  • eSATA and iSCSI ports for video archiving to external devices
  • Current status diagnostics (S.M.A.R.T. protocol)
  • Built-in DVD-RW
  • RAS+ software for full-scale video monitoring over the network
  • 2 USB
  • PTZ control via RS-485/232C
  • Advanced event response system
  • Jog-Shuttle
  • 16 audio inputs

Uncompromised Recording Rate and Quality
The STR-1695 are most effective DVRs, able to record 16 camera inputs in real time (each at 25 ips), providing D1 resolution (720x576) on each channel. Due to this feature, as well as to stable data storage system, the DVRs are effective in applications where rate and nualitv of recordina are mission-critical.

H.264 Support
The DVRs feature the most effective H.264 codec providing 80% bit rate reduction compared to MJPEG, and 40% compared to MPEG-4. H.264 ensures maximum recording time without compromising image quality, as well as maximum video transmission rate over the network.

Monitor Connection and HDMI Support
STR-1695 primary monitor output supports 3 variants of connection: HDMI, VGA and BNC. Primary output (HDMI and VGA) resolution corresponds to Full HD monitor resolution. HDMI and VGA are used to transmit Full HD (1920x1080 pixel) video, allowing to view live / archived video with extremely high quality even in multiview display modes (up to 16 screens). The independent secondary output can be used to connect VGA and BNC monitors, providing up to 16 live video screens in multiiew mode with 720x576 resolution. Spot monitor is a monitor connected to the provided spot output and used for full-screen real time alarm video viewing or live monitoring of operator-selected channels.

Video Recording and Backup
The STR-1695 is capable to provide recording of 16 video inputs at 400 ips with 352x288 resolution. For higher quality recording you can select 720x288 or 720x576 resolution. Video is recorded to SATA HDD. The DVRs support installation of five HDDs. Video can be backed up to HDDs via built-in DVD-RW, or to external USB drivess.

Archive Expansion
HDD space provided for video recording can be expanded by use of eSATA and iSCSI ports. eSATA terminal serves to connect external DAS (Direct Attached Storage) arrays, offering effective solution for small and medium-scale archive expansion. If substantial archive expansion is required, it is reasonable to use SANs (Storage Area Network), connected via iSCSI port.

Motion Detection, Camera Obscuration /Video Blind Detection
The STR-1695 features full-function motion detection with retrospective video analysis capabilities, as well as camera obscuration and video blind detection. Alarm event can sound the DVR's internal buzzer, trigger alarm output to external devices, generate a notification and send it to predefined e-mail address, as well as pop up an alarm window on the operator's monitor.

PTZ Control
RS-232C and RS-485 interfaces allow to remotely control PTZ cameras from DVR front panel, IR remote control, USB mouse, or remote PTZ controller. In addition, RS-485 and RS-232C ports can be used for POS / ATM connection. Text data received from POS/ATM can be used for search of recorded video.

Centralized Monitoring Software
The STR-1695 is bundled with RAS+ software, allowing to build geographically distributed CCTV system with full-featured DVR control capabilities. RAS+ provides simultaneous connection to multiple DVRs and allows to perform remote live and archived video viewing of up to 64 video channels in fullscreen and multiview modes, while simultaneously checking DVR status and receiving event notification messages. The software supports PTZ control and alarm- out (the STR-1695 have 16 alarm inputs and 4 alarm outputs). MapEditor application allows to create 3D maps, allowing to visualize real location of CCTV devices in the building and to set up logical links between such devices. RAS Mobile client application gives access to remote monitoring via mobile devices and tablets on Apple, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry platforms. The DVRs are also accessible via standard Web browser (Webguard feature). 

Specifications of the Smartec STR-1695



Video Compression:


Camera Inputs:


Monitor Outputs:

Primary monitor output: 1 HDMI (Full HD), 1 VGA (Full HD), 1 BNC (SD); Secondary monitor output: 1 VGA (SD), 1 BNC (SD); Spot output: 1 BNC

Resolution (Display):

Full HD: 1920x1080; SD: 720x576

Audio Inputs/Outputs:

16 IN/1 OUT

Audio Compression


Alarm Inputs/Outputs:

16 IN/4 OUT

Alarm Reset Input:


Text Input:


Internal Buzzer:

80 dB at 10 sm

Resolution (recording):

720x576, 720x288, 352x288

Recording Rate:

400 ips (at all available resolutions)


Continuous, Event, Schedule, Panic

Pre-alarm/Alarm recording:

Up to 30/15 minutes

HDD Type/Number:

5 SATA HDDs supported




2 front panel ports (USB printer connection supported)

Max. Archive Size:

18 TB

Archive Expansion:


PTZ Control:

Front panel buttons; IR remote control; USB mouse

Control Interface:

RS-485, RS-232C


Event, Time/Date (recording table, calendar), Text-in

Network Interface:

2 x Gigabit Ethernet (1 for iSCSI)

Network Protocol:


Max. Connections:

Administration: 2, viewing: 10, search: 2


Up to 64 groups, 256 users;

Authority level setup for each group; Watermarks

Motion Detection:

16x12 areas, 5 sensitivity levels

IR Remote Control:

Supplied with DVR

Operating Temperature:

+5° C to +40° C

Max. Humidity:

Up to 90%, noncondensing

Power Input:

100 -240 VAC, 2.0 - 1.0 A, 50/60 Hz, 70 W


430 mm (D) x 400 mm (W) x 88 mm (H)


8.0 kg

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