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4-channel NEYRO Series video server Smartec STS-IPTX480 with H.264 support and VCA video analytics

  • 4 Video Channels
  • 2 Audio Inputs, 1 Audio Output
  • H.264 Compression Support, M-JPEG (Snapshot)
  • D1 resolution; 100 fps
  • VCA Presence basic video analytics, optional VCA
  • Surveillance advanced video analytics
  • Two-way audio
  • PTZ control via RS-485/232C
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • РоЕ

STS-IPTX480 is an optimal solution for operation with analog security cameras and remote monitoring over the network. For digitization, compression and video transmission over the network this server uses high-performance DaVinci processor, which enables STS-IPTX480 to generate high-quality images. The video server supports video transmission with different codecs, resolutions, frame rates and compression levels and provides video streaming from 4 analog cameras with up to 720x576 resolution at 25 fps framerate. The adjustment of data transmission parameters can be settled automatically or manually by the operator.

Simple external device connection
The STS-IPTX480 is equipped with USB 2.0 port for storage device. Data recording to USB flash card can be activated by event mode (alarm input), for example in case of disconnection. After reconnection, recorded video will be accessible for remote viewing. Through the USB port video server can be connected to wireless networks, using Wi-Fi adapter. Moreover STS-IPTX480 supports two-way audio transmission on one of the two channels with external microphone and speaker. 4 alarm inputs and outputs can be used for alarm sensor and remote device connection.

PTZ Control
Through the RS-485/232 port it is possible to exercise the administration of PTZ cameras in videosurveillance system. In addition to it video server supports most of the popular telemetry protocols – Pelco-D, Pelco-P, etc. It allows STS-IPTX480 to work with speed dome cameras and provide automatic Objects Tracking (after activation the relevant analytic packages). RS-232C interface can be used for connection of IP video server to terminal equipment. Protocol and port settings are selectable via Web-menu during device setup.

Standard and advanced intellectual functions
Being bundled with VCA Presence video analytics package STS-IPTX480 greatly enhances the capabilities of IP systems. Using it, video server analyzes the image, giving the operator visual information, and reduces the frequency of false alarms. When activating an optional VCA Surveillance license, the advanced features of video analytics will be available: Object Detection in the security zone, Object Tracking, Entrance/Exit filters, Identification of Object’s Presence/Absence, digital image stabilization, etc.

VCA Surveillance video analytics package can be activated only for one video channel, and besides, activation of analytic results in frame rate reduction on all 4 video channels.

The main advantages of VCA video analytics:

  • Reliable tracking mechanism – video server provides a high-quality objects’ detection with a small number of false alarms, caused by changes in external lighting conditions (the shadows of clouds and trees, rain, fog, etc.)
  • An automatic adaptation of video analytics to changes of lighting and weather conditions. Network video server provides non-stop operation even in a temporary, partial or complete cover of the camera.
  • Easy web-based setup of monitoring area without using special software.
  • Video server with VCA can operate as an alarm sensor, if its alarm output is connected to the input of the recording or signal activation systems.
  • HTTP API for camera settings and event notifications; RTSP for video streaming; XML language for displaying information on the events.
  • Built-in digital stabilization, which allows video analytics to operate with loss of effectiveness even if in camera vibration.

Description of software modules:

1. The main functions of VCA Presence:

- Detection and identification of objects and people in the monitoring area.
 - Selecting focus areas, in which each zone can generate its own alarm.
- Tracking of multiple objects (network video server can track up to 100 objects simultaneously).
- Checking unauthorized manipulation.

2. The main functions of VCA Surveillance:

- Size and Speed Filters for preventing false alarms. These filters allow the operator to perform object classification.
- Direction Filters for setting "acceptable" and "unacceptable" directions of movement.
- Detection of the object in the unauthorized area.
- Object’s temporary stay in the surveillance area longer than usual. Signal of this event Network video server can activate the signal on this event both for temporary stay and moving of the object within security area.
- Control of object’s entrance and leaving of the surveillance area.
- Appearance and disappearance of various objects or items in the security zone.
- Count the number of objects: ascending/descending sorting.
- Double Border: two border lines located at a distance from each other. Video server activates alarm signal in case of crossing these borders.

Specifications of the Smartec STS-IPTX480 NEYRO video server 




4 video / 2 audio


H.264, M-JPEG (Snapshot)



Frame rate:

Up to 25 fps at D1 per channel, 100 fps total

Number of Streams:

1 configurable stream

Video Inputs/Outputs:

4 IN/ 1 OUT

Network Connection:

Ethernet 10/100Base-T

Network Protocol:


Audio Input/Output:

2 IN/ 1 OUT

Audio Format:


Alarm Input/Output:

4 IN / 4 OUT


RS-485; RS-232C

External Memory:

USB 2.0

Video Analytics:

VCA Presence, VCA Surveillance (optional)



Operating Temperature:

0 … +60° С

Relative Humidity:

Max. 85%

Input Voltage:

12 VDC

Power over Ethernet:

РоЕ (Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.3af)

Power Consumption:

6.6 W


137×38×189 mm


780 g


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