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Smartec STM-223 22-inch video monitor with Full HD resolution, 5 ms response time and 3 DNR

Smartec STM-223
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Full HD resolution and exceptional image clarity
  • 300 cd/m² maximum brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • PiP (picture in picture) and PbP (picture over picture) viewing modes
  • AntiBurn-in function for display safety
  • 5 ms fast response time
  • 3D noise reduction
  • HDMI/VGA/BNC video inputs
  • IR remote control
  • VESA mounting bracket

STM-223 is optimal solution for operation in the multi-channel video surveillance systems, generating images with 300 cd/m² brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio. This widescreen video monitor is equipped with BNC/VGA/HDMI video inputs and can be connected to the HD-video sources. Due to HDMI interface and the absence of secondary signal conversion, Smartec monitor generates images with remarkable color depth and high detail. For example, this interface can be used with DVR for viewing hi-res video from CCTV cameras. In this case, STM-223 reaches an optimum picture quality for each image in the multiscreen frame.

Advantages of TFT-technology
Each monitor in this series uses active matrix technology in which each pixel of the matrix is controlled by three transistors, forming the image by passing RGB light flows through the TFT-matrix. Due to the color combinations, created by three colors mixing, this monitor can display video with a wide range of contrast and color. In addition, TFT-technology is notable for its small amount of the pixel crosstalk noise and low response time, which ensure high quality monitoring of the moving objects.

Fast response time and 3D noise reduction
Due to the small pixel response time (5 ms), STM-223 generates images in real-time without "smearing" effect. Therefore, this video monitor will be very effective for viewing dynamic video with a large number of objects (the identification of license plates, high-speed processes monitoring, etc.). In addition, Smartec monitors use 3D noise reduction system, which improves image quality and corrects the noise signal, resulting in adverse lighting conditions. When processing signals from the CCTV cameras, 3DNR technology analyze current image, determines (filter) the noise and compensates pixels in the filtered video.

Long operating life and static video translation
Long-term displaying of the static scenes can cause "burning" of the matrix elements (damage of the cathode coverage, which provides stable pixels’ operation), resulting in constantly illuminated points on the screen. To eliminate this effect, video monitor supports Anti Burn-in function, which protects the matrix from burnout and ensures stable color rendering.

Viewing images from multiple sources
STM-223 allows the operator to use multiscreen or full screen monitoring modes. Also, video monitor supports PiP (“picture in picture”) and PbP (“picture behind picture”) modes, providing the operator to select video source both for main and background windows. In addition, STM-223 enables the operator to select screen size - 16:9 or 4:3.

Multiple mounting options
TFT-monitors with 22” diagonal and 170º/160º viewing angles allow installer to choose different places for device installation. The package includes 220 V power adapter, mounting bracket and IR remote control. VESA standard bracket can be used for mounting Smartec monitor on the wall. In addition, STM-223 can be mounted on the ceiling with optional brackets.

Specifications of the Smartec STM-223 video monitor 






Innolux MT215DW01 V.2 (TFT)

Display Ratio (H:V):

16:9 (HDMI), 4:3 (RGB)


1920×1080 pix. (HDMI), 1280×1024 pix. (RGB)

Pixel Pitch:

0.248×0.248 mm




300 cd/m²

Color Depth:

8 bit, 16.7 mln. colors

Viewing Angles (H/V):


Response Time:

5 ms

Monitor video inputs:


Video outputs:


Audio inputs:

2×RCA, PC audio

Audio Amplifier:

2×1.5 W, 8 Ohms

Plug & Play:


Input Voltage:

12 V DC, 5 А

Power Consumption:

50 W (max.)

Operating Temperatures:






510 × 58 × 311 mm


7.7 kg

Supplied Accessories:

Video monitor, IR remote control, desk stand, adapter, power cord, 15-pin D-Sub cable (1.8 m), audio cable 3.5 mm (1.5 m), User Guide (CD)


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